CCSIP 2015 update: TAVR taking a bite out of SAVR?

The CCSIP reporting website was updated through 2014, now including a breakdown of aortic valve replacement procedures between transcatheter AVR (TAVR) and surgical AVR (SAVR).  At several sites where significant volumes of TAVR are being performed, SAVR volumes have decreased.  For example, at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, SAVR has decreased by 50%:

Statewide, TAVR represented 30% of all isolated AVRs during 2013-2014.  However, overall, isolated SAVR volume has not yet been affected; 7074 AVRs were performed in 2011-2012 and 7022 in 2013-2014.  Further details about CABG, PCI and Heart valve volumes and outcomes are available at the CCSIP reporting website.

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