cropped-casts-logoGrayBkgnd.pngThe California Society of Thoracic Surgeons was founded in 1996.   Its mission has been to collect and share data about cardiac surgery and interventions, study and implement best practices, and to inform patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders about the the medical specialty of cardiothoracic surgery.

The advent of public reporting of CABG procedures in 2003 brought the CASTS into the role of monitoring the process. CASTS members served on the clinical panel and attended meetings as advisors.  The CASTS provided a forum for data managers, which has contributed to the quality of the data that was included in the public reports.

While the CASTS remains committed to the support of quality in public reporting, the focus of the organization is undergoing a necessary change towards the broader issues of importance to cardiothoracic surgeons in California.  In the modern world of social communication, it is critical that professionals work together to influence the pathways of growth and change in their specialty.  To this end, the CASTS has updated its websites and created this blogging platform to engage surgeons and other heart team members in developing a community with purpose and vitality.